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Welcome to In balance. Together, we can work on helping your body reach its full potential. Increased flexibility, higher energy levels and better sleep quality are some of the benefits of massage therapy, in addition to the immediate pain relief, REDUCED MUSCLE TENSION and relaxation you can feel during and after a session.

At In Balance you are in great hands. Sally Watson is a qualified physiotherapist with over 10 years experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. After a break from the profession to have children Sally has decided to move into the field of massage therapy.

As a physio Sally has a wealth of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, injury pathology and sports injuries. Whether it be injury recovery, occupational related muscle tension and pain or sport and training related aches and pains Sally is the person to help.

'I have always been a very hands on physio and have found massage and trigger point release very effective in relieving muscle tension and treating all manor of injuries, aches and pains', Sally Watson BPhty

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